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(P. 163 A4). The book contains these legends: The Walls of Lucca, The Angel’s Gift, The Little Witch, The Volto Santo, The Monk of Rupecava, The Volto Santo’s Treasure, The Miraculous Fountain in Pelleria, Via Fillungo and Father Christmas, Castenuovo Garfagnana and The Secret Nicodemo, Piazza San Michele and the Women’s straw tails, Barga and Giovanni Pascoli, Campocatino, The Devil’s Bridge, Ilaria del Carretto, The Torre Guinigi, The Torre delle Ore, Lucida Mansi: Lady of the Legend, The Parish Church in Arliano and the Lamb, Montuolo and the Girl of the River, Montuolo and the Tyrant of Castel Passerino, Montuolo and Ulderico and Laurina. P. 163 A4.

THE LITTLE WITCH. Perhaps you never saw any of the lovely processions that used to take place in Lucca in the 1950s. One of them is still celebrated on the 13th of September on the eve of the Feast of the Holy Cross. It's a very old procession indeed, and people come from outside the city to watch it. All the parishes in the diocese take part, with everyone carrying a candle for the Volto Santo, and people from other towns and villages walk in the procession with their banners. Lucca is full of people, decorations and lights. In years gone by, however, there was another very solemn procession, which also drew large crowds. This was the procession for "Christ crucified" on Good Friday and it started from the Pelleria district, one of the oldest in the city. Strong men carried a platform through the main streets on their shoulders and on the platform was a tableau of the Crucifixion with Jesus on the cross, Mary his mother at his feet, St John and Mary Magdalene. These sculptures are still kept in the little church of St Thomas in Pelleria, above the first altar on the right, and people still stop to pray there. At that time a girl called Alipia lived in the Pelleria district. She had been deformed from birth. She was very small, almost a dwarf and very thin, with a face like a nanny goat's that made you shudder. People called her the little witch. They would have killed her if they could, because just looking at her made them think evil thoughts. When she crept along Via Pelleria keeping close to the wall, the people she met made the sign of the cross and men shouted at her and sometimes threw stones. Once someone beat her with a stick. (...)

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